News from the Hen House!

July 23, 2019

What is Visual Strategy?

Visual Strategy (sometimes referred to as Strategic Illustration) is using visual concepts that align to the outcomes defined by you, your team and other stakeholders. Basically in any training session, strategic planning or group think, visual strategy can be used. Studies show that participants remember 65% more if there is a picture or visual attached to the subject. Visual Strategy holds attention and uses metaphors, which allows your brain to “fill the gaps”. It also changes thinking through patterns and language. It is easier to comprehend as it creates a common understanding. Comprehension is gained as the information is organized, simplified and synthesized. Visual Strategy allows for new perspectives. With Visual Strategy, you and your teams have a meaningful and engaging illustration in real time that can be used to address challenges and spark creative solutions. An organization could also use it as another opportunity to impact their staff. It is a fast way to agreement and consensus within a group. Pictures keep people engaged and it’s a useful learning tool.

Here are a variety of ways groups and organizations have used the process:

  • Young professionals around the topic of collaboration. Most of the time was group activities where key talking points about collaboration were used for the visual.
  • A session focused on diversity training was all about what outcomes they want to have as an agency.
  • A hospice organization used the process to create their model for a Totally Responsible Person.
  • A cohort of community organization used Visual Strategy at two of their community reports — one on the collective impact of their work, and the other for a “what’s next” discussion.
  • A nonprofit used Visual Strategy to identify and prioritize the steps leading to a capital campaign and eventually a new facility.
  • An arts council included Visual Strategy in their strategic planning to allow them time to organize their board for the next year of collaborations. The illustrations showed the board of directors how programs could be expanded and fundraising increased.

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